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An Ounce of Prevention is worth A Pound of Cure! A Quantum Holistic Wellness Consultation.

A Major step in the prevention and elimination of ‘stopping the madness syndrome’ is to ascertain the causes of chronic systemic illnesses and to develop means and ways to conquer the rapid degeneration process.

Sir Charles Walters has implemented a holistic wellness “state of the art” program that is coupled with several holistic modalities, computerization of personalized nutritional, and anatomical abnormalities. Having the availability of this pertinent information, he has developed several holistic synergistically Nutri Detox menu support programs that are designed to assist ones in the achievement of their homeostasis. (The state of internal balance) Upon receipt of this valuable information, one may decide to make a “lifestyle change” that could significantly upgrade their life and well being forever.

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My People perish for the lack of knowledge

Hosea 4:6

Sir Charles Walters, C.N.H.P./L.C.M/C.R.T/Lecturer/Radio Talk Show Host


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