About Me

I have been a prostate cancer survivor for more than twenty years and I feel truly blessed and fortunate to have overcome this dreadful disease.

My life took a change for the better, that’s when I met my “Devine Intervention” at a local restaurant in Hackensack, New Jersey.

Upon sitting down with him at his table, our conversation quickly changed to prostate systemic conditions. That’s when I immediately interjected, that I had just visited with my doctor the previous day and was not satisfied with his prognosis and was still experiencing the same problems. I mentioned, that I was getting up hourly during the night to urinate; lower back pain, erectile dysfunction; and the most serious, was a major blood discharge in my under shorts.

He interjected emphatically and suggested that I make a serious lifestyle change in order save my life. He instructed me to refuse all medications and to utilize his homeopathic protocol, which he had been using successfully for more than (20) years. So I took the first step and committed to using his homeopathic protocol. It was a tough choice, but I had to change my lifestyle and refrain from consumption of the following; pork, red meat, fried foods, sodas, alcoholic beverages, smoking, and coffee. Upon implementing his holistic herbal homeopathic protocol, within (5) days, I began to experience significant changes; uninterrupted sleep, no back pain, and my sexuality enhanced.

During that same week, I became a member of Nature Sunshine and after attending several training programs. Their programs were designed to strengthen and advance your knowledge and theory on the application of herbal and nutritional supplements relative to homeopathic applications. Also, I have attended several colleges and holistic health/wellness centers to further advance my training and knowledge in the integrative health field. Incidentally, my college professor and I teamed up together to establish/operate a holistic health/wellness clinic, successfully for several years in Montclair, New Jersey. Our main concerns were chronic systemic issues; such as Diabetes, Immunity, Obesity, Detoxification, and Nutritional deficiencies.

I am very proud of my health career path, as it has surely developed me into Whom, I am today. A grounded Holistic Wellness Practitioner; C.N.H.P. / Certified National Health Professional / L.C.M.T. / License Certified Massage Therapist, / C.R.T. / Certified Reiki Therapist, Lecturer and Radio Talk Host.

Above all, I am cancer free on my latest prostate exam, it revealed that my PSA was (2.5) and my Urologist was very impressed. I give thanks to God and the Nature Sunshine Company for my salvation; for I am truly indebted to them for my life. Last, but not least, I must also, acknowledge the second infancy period of my career. It all began at the First AME Zion Church, in Paterson, N.J., where my Pastor, Dr. Rev. Douglas Maven appointed me as Health Minister for our church’s Health/Wellness Ministry. I extend much love and thanks to my Pastor and the first lady, Mrs. Janet Maven for their belief and faith in me. By the way, the first lady lost at least, four (4) dress sizes in approximately eighteen (18) months while implementing wellness my program.