Holistic Comprehensive Digestive Detox Program

NOTE: This program is recommended to be commenced immediately upon implementation of a colonic session:

“45 Days Jump Start Program”

AVOID: The following foods and conditions, All Whites/{Bread-Rice-Sugar-Flower-Milk-Salt}, Fried Foods, Charcoal Grilling, Artificial Sweeteners- “Splenda-Sweet N Low-Equal”, Cheese, Deli-Case Cold Cuts, Tap Water, GatorAid Juice, Turkey Bacon, Pork, Non-Organic MEats, Sausage, Margarine, Yogurt, Coffee, Diet Sodas, Ice Cream, Farmed Raised Fish, Alcoholic Beverages, Microwave Units, Smoker Grilling.

  1. AM/ Ionic Minerals/NSP-310-5/$26.95/ 1ea TSP
  2. Chlorophyl/ NSP-1683/ $13.25/ 1ea TSP
  3. Flax Seed Oil/NSP-3162-1/$32.95/ 1ea TSP
  1. NOON/Liquid Cleanse/NSP-3193-1/$17.50/ 1ea TSP
  2. Nutri-Biome Bacillus Congulan/NSP-6103-9/ $25.85/ 2ea CAPSULES
  1. EVENING/ Burdock/NSP-140-2/ $25.990/ 2ea CAPSULES
  2. Meg A Chel/ NSP-4201-8/$22.25/ 2ea CAPSULES
  1. BEDTIME/Ultimate Green Zone/NSP-7108-6/ $34.25/ 1ea SCOOP
  2. Everybody Fiber/NSP-1336/ $19.10/ 1ea SCOOP
  3. Nature Harvest/NSP-227-2/$29.35/1ea SCOOP

For those who find it difficult in swallowing Pills and Capsules may opt to blend all of the above-listed products into a “Holistic Nutritional Smoothie”. Begin each batch with 10oz of Almond Milk, or purified bottled water. Insert bits of pineapple, banana, blueberries, apple, and 1/2 TSP of pure maple syrup or honey. Be certain to open each capsule and dump the entire contents in the mixture. Blend and consume in 4oz Intervals in the following Steps:

  1. AM – Prior to breakfast
  2. Evening – Before Eating
  3. Bedtime – Approximately 2-3 hours before retiring to bed.

NOTE: When the Entire Batch is completed, continue with a new Batch until the 45-day Jump-Start supply is completed.

For Optimal Results, be sure to order all of these “Organic Nutritional Products” from our ON-LINE VITAMINS STORE, where you can be certain that all of our products are: Organic and Top of the Line:

Sir Charles Walters, C.N.H.P., L.C.M.T., C.R.T, Radio Talk Show Host, Lecturer.