Holistic Immune Program

A Holistic Immune System “Flu” Nutritional Support Program

“A Forty Five Day Jump Start”

Avoid: The following foods and products for best results: Artifical Sweeteners (Sweet-n-Low, Splenda, Equal). White Rice, Bread, Flour and Sugar: Morton’s Table Salt, Ice Cream, Margarine, Cheeses, Red Meat, Pork, Fried Foods, Greasy Foods, Junk Foods, Gatorade, Juice, Cakes, Smoking, Alcoholic Beverages, Aluminum Pot Wares, Aluminum Foil Sheet, Microwave Cooking, Bar-B-Cue Grilling, and Sodas (Mountain Dew, etc…)

Before Breakfast: Mix or Blend the following Liquid Nutritional Products in (4) oz. Of Purified Bottled Water or Orange Juice and consume as recommended:

1. Ionic Minerals / Nsp-310-5Dosages:{1Tsp} ea.
2. Flax Seed Oil / Nsp-3162Dosages:{1Tsp} ea.
3. Chlorophyll ES Liquid / Nsp-1483Dosages:{1Tsp} ea.
4. Liquid Cleanse / Nsp-3193Dosages:{1Tsp} ea.
5. Silver Shield Aqua / Nsp-4280Dosages:{1Tsp} ea.

Noon Time:

1. Nutri-Biome Bacillus Coagulan / Nsp-6103Dosages:{2ea.} Capsules
2. Vitamin E / Nsp-1650Dosages:{2ea.} Capsules

Evening Time:

1. Milk Thistle / Nsp-4076Dosages:{2ea.} Capsules
2. Meg A Chel / Nsp-4201-8Dosages:{2ea.} Tablets


1. Silver Shield Aqua / Nsp-4280Dosages:{1ea.} Table Spoon
2. Hops / Nsp-380Dosages{2ea.} Capsules

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