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For twenty years, I have experienced vertigo, an inner ear infection which causes severe dizziness and nausea. The attacks started occurring sporadically and became more frequent until they were happening within a few weeks apart. As a single parent with many responsibilities and much stress, the vertigo was becoming a true hardship in my life.

I had also begun to experience an uncomfortable sensation on the left side of my neck, that would radiate down to my lower back and hip while sitting or lying in certain positions. A forty-five minute to an hour drive caused stiffness in my legs and back.

Twelve years ago, I was introduced to the concept of the direct relationship between diet and health. Since that time, my diet has consisted of chicken, fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, distilled water, and natural food supplements. In spite of my diet, at age 55, I felt that my health was deteriorating very quickly! In December of last year (2004), I met Mr. Walters, who introduced me to his “WELLNESS SYSTEM”. The system consisted of massage therapy, a colonic, supplements, and eating according to my blood type.

Within 4 weeks, I saw a marked improvement in the way I felt. I had more energy, the sensation on my left side, and the stiffness was gone, my skin looked younger, and the Vertigo is gone!

Praise God for the “WALTERS WELLNESS SYSTEM”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A. ADAMS/5-27-05/Teaneck, NJ.

My name is Rosa Williams. I was beginning to hate the way I looked and felt. I had gone to “weight watchers” and had lost only about (5 1/2) pounds. I still felt miserable and was having awful pains in my legs and knees.

My doctor had prescribed “Celebrex” 200mg twice a day. At first, I thought this medication was actually working for me, and the pains began to get worst in my legs. I immediately went to another doctor with my “MRI” results and hesitated that I needed an operation to release the fluid that had accumulated in my knees. I refused to go under the knife and began to exercise and was trying to eat right, but I still had the pains in my legs.

I finally located brother Walters’ business card with phone number and I arranged a conference with him. He educated me with colon cleansing product and shortly after taking it, my knees and legs felt much better, it was like a miracle.

I am glad that God sent brother Walters to educate people with knowledge that he shared with me and others. H also taught me how to eat according to my “blood type” and how to shop properly for groceries.

Now I am feeling better and have lost about (10) pounds within (2) weeks. I will continue to cleanse my body from all the trash(smile).

Thank you, Charles

R. Williams

Since attending the weekly Holistic Health Seminars, I’ve learned to “eat to live and not live to eat.” I’ve learned what foods are beneficial and detrimental to ingest according to my blood type. Just by doing the colon cleansing program I have lost (12) pounds in just a few months.

A. Mann

I have to say that I truly trust this man and his medicine. I recently went scuba diving and I ended up getting pretty close to the Benz. When I came to see the Doctor I had severe ear, sinus, and head pressure from not properly decompressing while diving. Doc gave sold me a bottle of Silver Shield Aqu. I took it twice a day for 3 days and I was cured. If you like taking the non common doctors approach come see this guy he knows his stuff!

B. Thayer