Holistic Synergistic Nutri-Detox Support Programs Jump-Start (30-45) Days

  1. Thyroid Health Support
  2. Vegan Health Support
  3. Vertigo Health Support
  4. Immune Health Support
  5. Obesity Health Support
  6. Bowel Wellness Support
  7. Lupus Health Support
  8. Asthma Health Support
  9. Ionic Foot Detox Support
  10. Reiki Therapy Support
  11. Iridology Therapy Support
  12. Ionic Foot Detoxification
  13. Holistic Health Lectures
  14. Quantum Holistic Wellness Consultations  

Wellness/Health Day Spa

Hello, we are initiating a Wellness Health Spa/Day Event. Invite (6-10) friends over to your home for a day of fun, enjoyment and entertainment. They will surely experience amazing results from a full body Ionic Detoxification; coupled with a Vignette Reflexology session.  We recently purchased a “state of the art” Ionic Detoxification machine that is designed to deliver superior results. At the end of each detoxification session, you can expect to feel more energized, revitalized and relaxed. Most of our clients rave about getting better sleep. The regular price for an Ionic Foot Detox/Spa in the office is $ 55.00 per person. However, we are offering a special event Discount price of $45.00 per person.

Note: The host or hostess will receive (1) Free Ionic Foot Detox /Spa session, plus a $75.00 Gift Card upon completion of the session:  However, the event must be hosted in a safe, clean and pleasant environment. Also, refreshments will be served under the Vail of some awesome soft relaxing spa music. 

For more details, contact Sir Charles Walters;   C.N.H.P., L.C.M.T.  * Phone 973-330-1465  Website: Email:   Organic Vitamins Store:  

Ionic Foot Detox Brochure

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